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Online Practice Group - Tactical Meeting

Although Tactical is not yet part of the Assessment it is a vital part of practicing Holacracy. The quote below from [@mention:449693036223847456] clearly describes this.

"While governance is key to Holacracy practice, if that's one's only exposure, it's easy to mistake Holacracy as mostly about governance, which of course is not the case - Holacracy is a power structure for how work gets done operationally, in between meetings.  It's often mistaken for a practice that's about meetings, but those are really just footnotes, a means to an end.  The Tactical Meeting is still of course a meeting process, however it near perfectly mirrors the rule set and power structure operating outside of meetings (unlike governance, which has a totally different rule set in meeting vs. out) - at least, it does when facilitated well, which is usually harder than governance.  Perhaps that's why one can be an excellent governance facilitator, yet a terrible Holacracy practitioner overall (often while thinking they're quite good); but if you can be a good tactical facilitator, it's almost a given that you'll be an awesome Holacracy practitioner overall."

So, are there more people out there that want to become awesome!

Let me know, if you want to join a new to start Online Practice Group for Tactical. Reply on this post and please provide your preference selected from the schedule as stated below.

  • Monday CET 19.30 - 20.45
  • Monday CET 20.30 - 21.45
  • Wednesday CET 19.30 -20.45
  • Wednesday CET 20.30 -21.45 

Meetings will be via Skype and a scheduler where you can reserve your spot for the meetings will be made available.

5 Replies
Ian Forbes

HI Tom,

Thanks for this offer. I am up for the earlier of the two times on Monday or Wednesday.



Monica Expositor Blasco

Hi Tom,

I would like to join and refine my practice. Do you already have a design for this?

Id would also be for the earlier slots on Mon and Wed.




Hi Tom, 

I'd like to refine my skills too! Monday's earlier time works for me. Wednesdays (either slot) work on alternating weeks. 



Toon Franken

hoi Tom, great idea! I sign in for wednesdays early sessions


Tom Mulder

So [@mention:577211662873788485], [@mention:548355922639373031], [@mention:550748956143473957], [@mention:577352400502155145] looks like we have a group. Preferred date is on Wednesday 19.30 -20.45.

Guess it is now up to us to define a format for this. I will sent an invite for the meeting. If you are not able to attend please then decline for that week so we know we have enough people to practice.

I will use the coming days to refine the Practice environment and provide all of you with login information.