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Online Holacracy-powered Entrepreneur School.

Here is an idea. I see the need to create a vehicle that have people online practice Holacracy. Actually, I thought about creating a business role-playing game that people can access online more akin to the tabletop format for those who know about roleplaying . I call it GBA Play or Gamma-Beta-Alpha Play. Like software phases, Gamma play is pure simulation where participants would role-play a Holacracy business to get the mechanics. Beta play would be incorporating the project based learning model and the group would develop their business circles which would inform their plans of their business holacratically and alpha play is supporting their Holacracy circle with resources and questions. I am actually proposing an new educational method for teens and adults. A kind of a Holacracy-styled business school and for it to occur online. Of course, I have no business experience although i do have some Holacracy experience which means I would be interested with others who would be interested in an idea such as this. I have always felt that a barrier to Holacracy is not enough access to simulated practice as well as having a smoother incorporation of other needed subjects in a real-world way. To turn Holacracy into a learning journey is a way to address that. What does everyone think about that?

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