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One Day Workshop: Language of Spaces

Join Duet Dynamics on Feb. 8 for a one day workshop on Language of Spaces with Christiane Seuhs-Schoeller. 

As a Holacracy practitioner, you've been experiencing it first-hand: the movement away from the traditional power hierarchy towards self-organization. 
This leads you into a context of higher complexity and it brings accountability and autonomy to you as an individual. The shift to Holacracy creates the demand for personal development, as you carry much more responsibility for yourself and need to develop and increase specific competencies to deal with the higher complexity. 
The capacity to navigate and integrate multiple perspectives is a key competency that will help you to adapt to all these changes in your work environment. 
You will walk away with: 
  • An experience of the sense of relief this practice can bring 
  • The increased capacity to identify different sources of tensions and where and how to process them 
  • Knowledge about how to practice the reflection and processing of the differentiation between the personal and the organizational  
A little more about the methodology: 
The Language of Spaces is the first and only framework for individuals and organizations navigating the big shift that so many of us are sensing is on its way. The framework is unique in its way, as it has been developed over almost a decade from real life experience in the personal development journey into the context of self-organization. 
It is specifically for people that are on the journey into the new world of work and offers practices to develop the four core competency needed in this new way of doing our work in the world. In this workshop you will learn about the entire framework and deepen you learning for the first competency: Differentiation and Integration. It will show you how the differentiation of the personal and the organizational helps you to untangle the complex issues (tensions) that arise along this journey. 
The method consists of practices that help you reflect on your tensions in a completely new way and to consciously navigate the differentiation between the spaces of the organizational context and the spaces of the personal context. It also helps you identify and develop the necessary skills to process personal tensions separately from organizational tensions and through this capacity find a clearer path of personal development and increasing experiences of your autonomy and wholeness.   
Meet your companion in the workshop: 
Christiane Seuhs-Schoeller 
Always driven by pioneering the new, Christiane has been an entrepreneur for over 30 years and an international Business Consultant for almost two decades. She is among the first people in Europe who deeply engaged with purpose driven business, self-organization and distributed authority. Learning from the experience of what it means to make such a fundamental shift in her own practice, both for organizations and for people, Christiane today is a partner of Evolution at Work and encode.org. In Evolution at Work her focus is to create safe spaces for humans to travel the developmental journey towards navigating the higher complexity of self-organization, purpose alignment and wholeness.
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