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OmniFocus Alternative


Thank you for taking the time to read (and hopefully respond) to this post.

We're interested in implementing GTD software that is best suited to our technical environment and GlassFrog.

I understand that OmniFocus & GlassFrog integrate. However, we don't use Macs.

So, I'm hoping that: (1) HolacracyOne can confirm what alternative "GTD software" Holacracy plans to integrate in the near future; (2) community members can recommend alternatives to OmniFocus and share experiences; and (3) community members with experience can share any integration workarounds.   

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Audrey M

Hi Peter,

Great initiative to ask here!

Responding to your first question as GlassFrog Customer Support: Todoist is the next GTD tool that GlassFrog is planning to integrate with. We don't yet have a projected timeframe but we're hoping to have it ready before the end of Q1-2019.

We'll make announcements when it's ready in our Newsletter and in the What's New section of GlassFrog.

Alexia Bowers

I'll add that if anyone wants to log their votes here for tools they use, I'll make sure they're captured in our databank of feature requests.

Tom Mulder

Nirvana +1

Allan Rhodes


Todoist = Trello? 

Great question [@mention:590585063342206269].  We are currently deciding on our new project management system.  I am trying out Omnifocus and love it, but not all our team use Mac.  

So from what I understand Trello is the way to go if we want to integrate with Glassfrog and Slack.  

Thanks for the discussion, 


Audrey M

No, Trello will be integrated at a later stage but it is likely to be the next integration we work with after Todoist.
[@mention:449833773730792463] Pitch to log Allan's vote to our databank of feature requests.

Alexia Bowers

[@mention:588613650771009734]: I've got Tom for Nirvana and Allan for Trello.

Though it does occur to me that since Todoist is a personal tool and Trello is team based, they may have integrations with each other that might serve for interim solutions for folks using both tools until GlassFrog supports Trello. There may also be an integration with OmniFocus and Trello, now that I think about it...

Allan Rhodes

Hi [@mention:588613650771009734] and [@mention:449833773730792463]: 

Just wanted to let you know that finally we chose for Todoist.  All the team (of 5) are using Todoist, so would love to know when the integration is ready with Glassfrog.  

It is working well for the team and will keep you posted. 





Audrey M

Hi [@mention:570736876503750126],

Noted for your revised preference for Todoist. 
I'll add you to my list of people to contact when things get moving with the integration. 

Stephan Jenner

As a GTD Master Trainer and Coach and a complete nut on integration etc, I can recommend 2 products. For true GTD Implementations, I find Todoist comes a little short  for my students, I recommend Nirvana HQ its a well implemented GTD List management software that really helps support the practice. Secondly I personally use Toodledo and have for years its not pretty but its the most versatile list management software I know. It completely supports my practice and is flexible to support not only actions and projects but you higher horizons as well 

Allan Rhodes

Thanks [@mention:450397096101913846]. I checked out the website of Nirvana and it looks great.  I think the next step for our team is to get a GTD training to improve our use Todoist, and if people start to feel the tension you mention, maybe it will be time to change to another platform such as Nirvana. 

Thanks again, 



Keith Jarvis

Folks one more little vote for a Google mail extension called Active Inbox.

It's not nearly as powerful as the systems referenced - Omnifocus, Asana, ToodleDo, Trello, etc etc. It doesn't have cool interfaces or charts.

BUT it directly interacts with email, which is still my #1 inbound 'what is it?' source. Basically it harnesses Google 'task' inside GMAIL with labeling and tiering to create lists/projects. It's designed by GTDers.

My email INBOX is still my GTD INBOX and I can't foresee a time when that will be different.

If anyone else has resolved the INBOX-INBOX dilemma with software that then will bring the more intuitive and powerful GTD supports, I'm all for that, and then integrating that with GlassFrog

Audrey M

+1 for Active Inbox for [@mention:454478741268114544]



+1 for Asana [@mention:449833773730792463]

Audrey M

[@mention:550748956143473957] I've got you for Asana.