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(...) offering feedback to enhance fit (...)


Is there any reason why in Constitution, LL is responsible for:

"offering feedback to enhance fit;"

instead of 

"giving feedback..."?


Is it just a metter of nicer or more proper (?) english (english is not my mothertongue), or there is some depth in it, that LL should offer only when they are asked...?

(It is not a real tension for my, just a curiosity... )

Kind regards,

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Olivier Compagne

[@mention:519784817122741229] I don't think there is any difference — at least I don't interpret any difference.


[@mention:519784817122741229] I'd say it's about the same thing... on the surface. 

With "giving" there is a subtle implication that it should be taken. When one offers something it doesn't feel like it needs to be taken. That's my 2 cents. 

Sam Burnett

In self management literature you ask the question "are you open to receive feedback?". If people say yes you can give it to them.  If they say no then they are not likely in a place to receive it.  Both replies will inform you as to their fit in a particualr role.  If someone is open to feedback then you can track on the feedback and on any next steps they might have come to based on your feedback (you might have an action planning tool for helping people to make plans about their goals in their roles).  IF they say no, you might try again at a later date or check in to see if they have changed their behaviour.  If not, they might not be a good fit. I ma not sure if that is what they mean by "offering" but that is how our team would interpret it.