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Objection on Domain implementation due to blocking workflow

Hey everyone, 

I hope some of you can share some help since maybe you've encountered a similar situation:

We recently tried to resolve a tension, regarding the copyright of materials we use. 
In our General Circle, we have a role Legal Guardian with the purpose "Ensuring that we don't run into legal trouble".
A proposal was, that this role would get a domain "Public use of (potentially) copyrighted materials".
Idea behind: Everyone would need to ask Legal Guardian before using copyrighted materials in public.
Now the Outreach sub-circle objected, saying this would make their work impossible, having to ask for permission and waiting for a decision every time, thus causing harm. 
Of course, Legal Guardian has the possibility to add a policy on the domain and giving guidance with it, how a use of such materials can be allowed by default. Outreach confirms this would eliminate their objection.
Problem: To make this policy, the domain first has to exist. The domain doesn't start to exist, due to objection. 
So we're kind of trapped in an integration round that we can't seem to get an output from. Is there anything we miss?
Do you have any advise/experience with such situation?
Thanks so much for your consideration!
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Dennis Wittrock

Hi Nico, you can add to the proposal of allocating the domain by simultaneously connecting it with a second part that installs a policy that regulates access to that domain (i.e. Outreach can make a proposal for a typical use-case that the Legal Guardian role doesn't object to). It's like the parents saying to the child: "ok, we give you that new bike, but only if you wear a helmet when using it." This way you integrate both needs in one step. Sounds like Outreach doesn't trust that this policy will be created by the Legal Guadian role-filler as promised - that's ok. Just create a policy alongside with creating the domain that grants Outreach access as needed. This way, both tensions (needs) are met at the same time. This is what Integration was meant to be. No need to play the egg-hen game... ;-) Hope this helps.

Nico Trinkhaus

Thank you Dennis!

Yes indeed, I agree that would be a workable option. Just I feel here I couldn't have solved my problem with it, because I had this tension as Lead Link of the General Circle.

I'm personally neither filling the Outreach nor the Legal Guardian role. So when proposing the domain to resolve my tension which I felt as LL, I don't feel like being in any position in which I could've added a policy with it right away (after all, I don't have knowledge on it and also Legal Guardian will first need to research it).

Okay, an option would be to not resolve my tension right away, but to request a project by Legal Guardian, in the course of which they likely would've added a Gov proposal anyways. 

But somehow it felt wrong, to leave a tension which could be critical for our organization (temporary) unresolved.