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NVGO proposal without amended version



How to deal as an Objector and Facilitator with an NVGO proposal to which you don't have an amended version (like the process is asking)?

For example in the first meeting of an organisation, which just adopt Holacracy, the proposal is to adopt a Policy "Everyone should use Trello for their tracking next-actions and projects in order to have a transparent environment." You raise the NVGO objection but according to the process you have to come out with an amended proposal which solve both the objection and the initial tension. And you can't because the tension was that "Not all the members of the circle are using Trello in order to track their activity".

What you should do in the Integration phase? Just asking for help and if you cannot craft something then drop the proposal? It is not a contradiction with the process which is asking you as an Objector to come up with an amended proposal and if you can't, then the objection is dropped?

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