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NVGO Accountability?

Hi everybody

A circle member in our organization added in the previous governance meeting an accountability to his role "Key Account Touchpoint" which is:

- establishing and energizing the role key account touchpoint

We are now wondering whether this is just bad governance or actually nvgo? Because this is an expectation towards a rolefiller and not towards a role... And is already a duty of the rolefiller. Any thoughts about that?

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Kevin Bombino

No idea.  Here's my best stab at it, if I were Secretary.  If the accountability was "Energizing the role X", where X was another role, I would say that it is NVGO.  Based on that logic, I would probably say that this is NVGO too.

Artem Serdyuk

Here's Constitution article 1.1 (c):

“Accountabilities”, which are ongoing activities of the Organization that the Role will enact

In my interpretation "Energizing Role" is not an ongoing activity of the role, thus this it contradicts with definition of accountability itself, and is an NVGO.



Hi Artem

Thank you - we thought so as well. But it is interesting to think about. Have a nice day


1. Awesome that circle members are bringing up tensions to process in governance

2. That specific accountability appears to be a combination of a Project "Establishing a role" and an expectation already in the constitution "Energizing a role" therefore, redundant. Perhaps it's NVGO but I think the clarifying question would be around what exactly is the work that this role is expected to do that serves the purpose of the Circle? My reaction is that the current accountability doesn't provide clarity of the actual work that is expected. How does the role filler "energize" the role. Accountabilities need to be more explicit in order to create clarity.