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Non Profit looking for Holacracy Coach & Facilitator

Hello Holacracy Community of Practice!!

I just resigned from the board of a non-profit in order to pursue other things. 
As a group they are exploring implementing Holacracy - they haven't dived full in yet - they have roles, are using GlassFrog and I've been slowly working with them in training them on how the system works.  I've been acting as Facilitator and coach.  As I'm stepping away I'm looking for someone to replace me as their guide and facilitator in this process.
It's a really awesome group of people up to some incredible things. Their mission is to support and empower entrepreneurs in the Congo and Sub-Saharan Africa by creating local community run programs that support people with passion in creating successful businesses.  It's already running and successful in three communities in the Congo and all their neighboring communities are asking the people there to train them - which is where we come in - in supporting the spread of this training. (If you wanna see more, here is our website...)   http://sowilo.co/
Here is the man whose model we are using...
If you are interested in supporting small business in Africa and supporting a group in learning Holacracy, please reach out to me and I can connect you to them.
The board meeting is held on zoom (everyone is remote) and it's every Wednesday from 2:30-3:30pm Pacific time (there is the possibility to change this if the time doesn't work for you).
All the best,
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Jeff Kreh

Ruth, I'm not a certified anything with Holacracy, but the organization looks like it's doing important work. I'd love to learn more and see if there might be a fit from a distance...