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Niklas Luhmann´s System Theory

Does somebody know Luhmann´s System Theory? Some parts of Holacracy remember me on Luhmann´s concept of society. He is also talking about systems, their subsystems and communicating systems. For me it´s a real interesting theory; sometimes not easy to understand - I would not suggest to read Luhmanns books, better to read explanations from other scientists ;-)
There are some introductions on youtube:

Nice greetings!

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Karilen Mays

Elena, I am familiar with Luhmann and also don't recommend that people read him ha, -- not easy reading! However it does speak to the self replicating nature of systems, and it sheds light on the difficulty we have when changing our relational or social dynamics / systems. Holacracy creates a natural disruption to all of these dynamics, so some support in this area is needed. Not all are interested in changing relationships, dynamics, or working through it though.