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Posted in GlassFrogBy Tony Wood • 12/03/2015

New Pay Model for Glassfrog from Jan 1 2016

After reading the feature set here http://glassfrog.com/new-pricing/

I have the following questions if you do not choose premium

  1. Will the history be lost? Or just hidden when the change happens?
  2. If you go to Pro later will the History for all meetings carried out will in Free mode exist?
  3. What data will be deleted if Premium is not taken?


Thanks for giving us notice so we can prepare.

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Alexia Bowers

Hi Tony,

Your history will continue to be logged normally while on the new Free plan even though you can't access it, so if you choose to move to Premium later, your history and data will all be there from when you were on the Free plan.

We won't delete any data, and you will still be able to process any pre-built proposals you had before changing to the new Free plan, even though you won't be able to edit them outside of a meeting or create new proposals outside of meetings.

So, if you want to give the Free version a try, you can easily upgrade to Premium when you're ready and not lose any data.



Tony Wood

Thank you Alexia

I think the major challenge with an early start start up is cash flow. Generally a startup will have less than five people and no cash (unless vc funded etc) for the first 6 months to a year which is long enough to see if the idea gets traction.

The previous Glassfrog plan was perfect for this and meant it could be adopted and then payed for when the company grew past 5 people as the cash came in.

Changing the starting price from free to paid for will I believe change the number of startups trying Holacracy. 

Being fair - I think this is smart. As adopting holacracy is a real investment and $9 a month per user is a small price to pay for a solid and reliable governance system.

It may deter others from "trying" holacracy... as this is not a system to "try" you need to "do".


Alexia Bowers

Hi Tony,

Thanks for the feedback! We're hoping that the new basic free option is more accessible for small companies (or any company) than what we have now - at least that was one goal. Here's an announcement I wrote this weekend to explain a bit more: https://medium.com/@h1alexia/why-glassfrog-is-offering-a-totally-free-option-71becb0694ac#.y8n1k3h0r. But, we'll be watching closely to see how it is going - we're trying to make the free version have the basics so that you can practice Holacracy in GlassFrog for free regardless of company size. And then the Premium has the more advanced functionality.

Rebecca Brover

Hi Alexia,

While I understand and respect H1's decision to change the pricing model of GlassFrog, I was a little surprised when I did the math for our 8 users and one circle and realized we are facing an increase of 140% in order to keep the functionality we currently have.

In terms of dollars, this is only an increase from $30 to $72 and I am choosing, as Lead Link of my circle, to make that commitment to supporting our organization's Holacracy practice. Despite that choice, I can't help but feel small groups are taking the brunt of the increase while larger organizations will see decreases in cost.

I recently spoke to another member of our community with 50 users and lots of circles who, based on the new pricing model, would move from a monthly cost of $495 to $450. While this only represents one anecdotal instance of small group increase and larger group decrease, I found it poignant that we are paying $42 more and they are paying $45 less - pretty close!

I realize my perspective is one viewed through a lens of very limited financial resources. Having now led two implementations in organizations with less than 10 users, I am already sensitive to the unique hurdles of implementation without coach support.

That being said, I think the really short version here is...bummer for the little groups! I hope the new and easier pricing model will free up time and energy to add new functionality and make our increase in cost even more worthwhile in the future.

I will now step down from my soapbox.

Alexia Bowers

Hi Rebecca,

Thank you for your thoughtful post, it is greatly appreciated. I know it takes time and energy to compile feedback like that, and it is a gift to hear what folks think about GlassFrog. I'll forward it over to the role that decides about the business model. As GlassFrog Product Manager, I will keep on my mission to make sure GlassFrog is providing value.

I can appreciate that for a smaller company, a $45 increase can feel different than for a larger company. I can say that when we ran the numbers, we saw both price increases and decreases across the spectrum of company size.  Of course, it remains to be seen what option organizations right at the edge of the current free plan choose to move to.  And that obviously doesn't change your experience.

In any case, I appreciate that you are continuing with GlassFrog on the new Premium plan, and if you think of any features (besides what you posted already!) that might make GlassFrog better for the little groups, please feel free to reply to this post and I'll take notes. I'd love to hear them!



Brian Robertson

Hey Rebecca,

First, I echo everything Lex said about appreciating your feedback and push-back here!  I'm actually the one who fills GlassFrog's Business Model role and drove this change, so I can clarify a bit: despite those data points, the overall intent and effect of the change was to lower prices for most smaller companies and raise them for most larger ones, and to be much more aligned with both market price levels and scaling patterns in other enterprise-class productivity software (e.g. Slack, Asana, Trello, and many others in this price range).  As a result of this pricing change, most (but not all) of our smaller clients (below about 50 people) are paying less now, and most of our larger ones are paying more now.  Sorry to hear your organization was among the minority of smaller organizations that ended up paying more - I know that sucks, and I hope you'll forgive us and find a way to keep loving our little frog...  :-)

- Brian