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New CoP Platform is live!

Hi Holacracy Community of Practice!

As CoP Vision, I am excited to announce that the CoP is about to get a supercharge!

This decision followed a great deal of deliberation and collaboration with various CoP stakeholders. After much work, we’ve found a new home for the CoP that will allow our conversations, connections and sharing to truly thrive.

It will take a little adjustment, but we think you’ll love it as much as we do.

Some highlights of the new platform:

  • Beautiful, easy-to-use interface (yay!)
  • Supports image, video, slides and other embedded content
  • Mobile app (finally!)
  • New event hosting with links and conversations for each event.
  • Coming soon: Online courses on Holacracy practice!

Please do make this transition with us. We have exciting plans for where we can support this community going forward.

Join the New Holacracy Community of Practice here



P.S.  And of course the old CoP will always be accessible to you as a read-only archive. There are some gems in there we wouldn’t want to lose!

P.P.S. The old CoP will change to read-only on March 31st.

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