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Need Holacracy Consultant for SEKEM, Egypt speaking Arabic

Dear Holacracy Coaches and Master Coaches :-)

Our organization is SEKEM from Egypt and we have started a pilot project for implementing Holacracy one year ago. Now we want to go deeper and implement the system still respecting the local context. 

We need an experienced (master) coach to help us implementing this and offer consistent support!

Any ideas, contacts etc?

Thanks for feeding me back!


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Dear Maximilian,


I can recommend you [@mention:449833773917801859] whom I am working with at iGi Partners. He is certified Master Coach and has supported companies like Decathlon, Kingfisher & Danone in their Holacracy implementation in different parts of the company (pilots): http://igipartners.com/en/test...y-part-large-company


He also have a deep background in business, as an entrepreneur, consultant and CEO of multiple companies.

You can contact him directly: bernardmarie[at]igipartners.com


Kind regards,



Rebecca Brover

Hi Max!

Great to see you are moving forward! I remember how engaged you were at the Practitioner Training in Amsterdam and it's exciting to know you are still so interested in running with Holacracy!

If HolacracyOne can be of any assistance with your implementation, please feel free to email me at rebecca@holacracyone.com and I can point you toward some options.

Rebecca (as HolacracyOne Ambassador)

Olivier Compagne

Hi [@mention:486709615772478349],

to add to Margaux's and Rebecca's comments — you can find a list of Holacracy providers on http://holacracy.org/implement

There is currently no arabic-speaking Holacracy provider unfortunately. We at HolacracyOne work in English, however we have experience working with clients in Dubai. 

Let me or Rebecca know if you'd like to discuss how we could help you, and in any case best of luck with your Holacracy implementation


@Rebecca:  I dropped you an Email a while ago. Did you receive it?