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Need clarity of 'objection if it impacts your own role' wrt compensation

If the compensation is being decided by a role or in the governance, can some one object to it if they think it's not enough amount for them to get? if yes, what is the role they are objecting in?  Can they object in their role as partner or member of the organisation? 

Any one has had this challenge and have solved it? 

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shammi nanda

[@mention:490650639739343759] thanks for your inputs. i will also consider the idea of keeping the compensation outside the holacratic system and yet addressed by some other way. would like to hear more about how you do it. Let me know if you can share more on this. 


shammi nanda

Hi [@mention:523162737680436711], I like what you say "The output from this accountability is not part of Governance as we only describe the ongoing activity and not how and what the result should be.". It's easy to get attached to micromanaging thru governance in the name of creating policies. i am still not able to understand how to see what policy is an output of a role and not governance, thus NVGO and what does it really mean to have a policy which is only 'restrictive'. 


Tom Mulder

Shammi, maybe this article will help: