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Name the Role that Feels the Tension

Check out this sneak peak of the first Holacracy Habit that GlassFrog's habit support program focuses on (it's one of many habits & lessons over the 6-month base program):  Name the Role that Feels the Tension.

If you're not using GlassFrog, try getting your whole team focused on this habit for a few weeks, and see what impact it has and if it helps.  Consider adding an item to your tactical meeting checklists to create some focus on the habit, and do something to remind people about it regularly (GlassFrog sends a lesson or tip about it every other day, so those of you using GlassFrog can rely on that for reminders).  If your team is fairly new to Holacracy, it's a critical habit to build - it unlocks much of Holacracy's benefit, and you're unlikely to sustain Holacracy without it.  If you've not so new to Holacracy and you've already got a critical mass of skill in this habit, consider focusing on it anyway to take your game up a level - there's always room for deeper practice.

If you have any experiences to share about building (or deepening) this habit, please share them here in reply - I'd love to hear about them!  And if this habit is helpful, we've got a lot more coming after this one if you're a GlassFrog user - we're baking a lot of Holacracy coaching expertise into GlassFrog.  Hope these habits help all of you as much as I've seen them help our consulting clients!

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Romain Bisseret

That indeed was very helpful when we started implementing! To change mindsets, we demanded that everyone stated from which role s/he was asking something of which other role. That helped clarify a lot what role had the tension and what other role was thought able to (help) solve it.