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Multi-Filled Roles and Domain decisons

If a Role is assigned to more than one person, and there is no focus definition that limits or specializes the 'co-assignment', do they each have to agree when it comes to Domain impact?

Or can any one individual decide?

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Jean-Michel Gode

Hi Keith,

I'd say that each one may act on his own.

If they "don't agree" whereas they have both the same authority, sounds like there is a tension due to a lack in the Governance of the circle...

Bernard Marie Chiquet

In such a case, if as a role I'd like to impact such domain owned by such multi filled role, I would ask one of such role fillers say to get permission... 

Olivier Compagne

+1 to what was said above. In addition, you may also interpret that the Lead Link should give a focus to each role filler, if without it there is confusion due to the domain authority.

In constitution 2.4.2:

A Lead Link may assign multiple people to the same Defined Role, as long as that won’t decrease the clarity of who should enact the Accountabilities and authorities of the Role in common situations.