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Posted in GlassFrogBy Govind • 02/19/2019

METRICS REVIEW : What, how and why?

Dear All,

I am new to Holacracy and Glassfrog as well. We are having tactical meetings every week. I am not sure what type of questions should be there in Metrics review. Also, what are the meaning of monthly and quarterly metrics, if we are having meetings every week. I am looking for support to understand this in a more better & clear way. Would be great if you guys can share your metrics questions. How you are enjoying this step. 


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Tom Mulder

Hi and welcome. Questions during Metrics are only for beter understanding the Metrics (clarifying questions). So a question like "is ...... part of this report" is a good question. If you have questions regarding the content of the report, that is a Tension and need to go to the agenda. 

Although you have weekly meetings not all Metrics need to be reported every week. So that is why there is monthly and quarterly. This are Metrics that you report on once a month/quarter. Tip is to add in which week/day of the month this Metric will be reported. This to help the Facilitator understand when in the month the Metric need to be processed. F.e. Sales Figures (first week), Expenses report (after the 20th), Revenue analyse (second week).


[@mention:523162737680436711] Thanks for prompt response.