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Metrics and checklist items to help Holacracy implementation

Hi there,

im looking into collecting a list of metrics and checklist items with the purpose of supporting the implementation of Holacracy in the company. Things like "Roles and accountabilities reviewed" as a global checklist item, or maybe "Number of processed governance/tactical tensions" for the LLs of sub-circles.

Any help is appreciated!

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We have used a few checklist items for this, I remember:

 * Have you addressed anyone in his/her role last week?

* Did you come up with a project for one of your roles?


Thought about possible new metrics and checklist items to add to the circle

Gerald Mitterer

Hey Tiziano,

(preamble: we tried various, but typically you come up with too many or some without real relevance to people and thus without the intended effect - so my advice is to chose only a few and prototype the impact...)

Checklist items IMO should best refer to establishing useful habits, such as:

* Noticed a tension and captured it
* Addressed roles in mails (in addition/instead of people)
* Weekly review of Trusted System (GTD) done
* ...


* Number of Tac Meetings / month (are there regular meetings?)
* # of Agenda items (indicator if tensions make it into meetings)
* Trend: # of items processed (does the circle get faster?) (deduce it from the latter and the Secretary gets a good indication if the circle needs more regular meetings)
*  for certain roles such as Holacracy Support roles (helping circle members to turn their tensions into proposals or at least show them pathways to process) it is also helpful to see if their support is used a lot or not at all (# of support requests)
* ...

Maybe that triggers some thoughts for you...

- Gerald


Gerald, we would like to add to our circle the checklist item "noticed a tension and captured it", but are confused as to who can do that for the entire circle. Is this something we address in Governance or elsewhere?

Gerald Mitterer

hi suzanne,

generally this is often used as a "global checklist item" to build useful habits during implementation. such a global checklist item can be added via glassfrog and we typically add the Acc to an implementation support role to add such items.

Re your question on who can add checklist items for the entire circle: any circle member might do this. however, doing so you have no right to expect that every circle member accepts to report on it. if that seems important to your org you might change the way you handle it, by adopting governance that specifies how it should work in your org.


- Gerald


Yes, Gerald. I appreciate your reply!