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Matrix Insights


Would be great to hear feedback on the use of Matrix Insights. It's not directly related to Holacracy but I know that Holacracy One and Encode have both used it so it seemed like a good place to ask.

Are you still using the system?

How do you find it?

Does it help power Holacratic working?



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Linda Berens

Hi David,

It is good to see the reference to Matrix Insights. I am one of the founders and have introduced it to Holacracy One, encode.org and Evolution at Work as well as in traditional organizations. I do know that there are other Holacracy-based organizations actively using it, so maybe they will chime in. 

In my view, it is most effective it if is woven into a set of interpersonal practices and agreements. And it really helps to have someone who is very knowledgeable about the lenses on which it is based to take it beyond just looking up suggestions. That expertise (internally or externally-contracted) helps keep it from becoming too stereotypic as well as deepening the practices that it helps support. It also helps to use the differences as a language to be more understanding. 

At encode.org I offer it in support of my Guild Leadership. We use opt-in Guilds as a way to develop various skills needed to work together well and to work independently. As part of the Honoring Differences Guild, I know some people use it regularly. Others not so much. In our guild meetings we explore the Interaction Styles, Essential Motivators, and Cognitive Dynamics lenses to better understand ourselves as well as to unpack conflicts that occur.  (Interaction Styles and Essential Motivators are lenses used in Matrix Insights where there are many suggestions for relationships and personal development). Based on feedback I've received, the Guild members use the lenses without Matrix Insights and find them helpful.

Does it power Holacratic working? The use of the various lenses on individual differences makes a big difference in helping people recognize their superpowers, workstyles, learning styles, as well as what energizes them and therefore how to better energize their roles. This helps them be more autonomous and self-directed as well as making space for others to be likewise.  Honoring these differences can help speed up the learning curve when implementing Holacracy and even deal with resistances. 

The lenses are powerful on their own. Adding in Matrix Insights, you have a very useful, on demand tool to help you recognize individual differences so you can find sources of interpersonal tensions, then get them out of the way of resolving the organizational tensions. 

As to how do you find it? if you are referencing where to get it, you can go to MatrixInsights.com or you can contact me directly. I hope to be covering some of this at the Holacracy Forum where I have applied to present about it. I look forward to hearing comments from others who use it.



Nick Osborne
I resonate with what Linda said, and having taken all three of her online certification courses I am a keen advocate of her work and would recommend it, along with Matrix Insights, to people in organisations which practice Holacracy. 
Having worked in two organisations which have adopted Holacracy: one which didn’t utilise type models and Matrix Insights and one which does, I can speak from experience about how powerful these can be to help people understand, accept and find creative ways of working with personal differences and diversity, which otherwise can become sources of conflict. 
I’d also echo Linda’s point that 
it really helps to have someone who is very knowledgeable about the lenses on which it is based to take it beyond just looking up suggestions. 
Matrix Insights has a wealth of knowledge about the type models and applications. At a circle or team level it shows which Type Patterns people identify with, which can support understanding about interpersonal dynamics and patterns within a team, as well as individual understanding . And I find the weekly Matrix emails with personalised tips helpful pointers. 
With regard to how to use it specifically with organisations practicing Holacracy: I’d say that the use of these type models and with Matrix Insights to reinforce them can be part of creating conditions to support people with stepping up to lead their roles, own their authority and take responsibility. 
As well as helping explore personal differences, I am also interested in the potential for using such models to illuminate and explore cultural biases which might otherwise be difficult to see.