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Maternity Leave App / Process - Any Ideas?

Hi friends,

one of our partners is leaving for maternity leave in 5 weeks and we are looking for a way to adequately reflect this in our organization. The tension is that we do not want to fully remove this partner from our organization and represent her new role of a mother amongst us.

The operational tasks are pretty clear for us and we will have and old fashioned hand over of projects and tasks.

The tension is that 

My idea was to remove this partner from all roles as she decided not to energize these especially in the beginning and create a new role in our People Circle: The name of the role could be "EMPAUA-mother" (EMPAUA is our company) with the purpose: "A strong bond with our next generation" and accountabilities still to be discussed.

How have you solved a similar situation / tension before? THX! :-)

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