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Posted in GlassFrogBy awo • 06/09/2017

Making projects visible in the Super Circle

How do people handle it in GlassFrog when they have projects which it would be helpful to be visible to the super-circle?

For instance: "New partner hired" is a project belonging to a Hiring Manager in the Recruitment cirlce.

Recruitment is within Internal Operations. Internal Operations wants to know what roles are currently being hired for, so that it can ensure that resources are being well-balanced among all its projects (which include learning and training, the office environment, etc as well as recruitment). 

Internal Operations also wants to know this project exists and to ask how it is going, in order to be able to update the GCC on progress. In the GCC, the circle(s) where the new partner is going to fill roles will want to know how the hiring process is going.

I am the LL of Recruitment and Internal Operations. So if I want to make this "new partner hired" project visible in the project dashboard (and hence a helpful part of the Tactical meeting) for Internal Operations and for the GCC, I have to create three different projects (admin hassle!) and then the My Projects tab becomes crowded with multiple versions of the same project - reducing its usefulness.

Do people have a good workaround?

Thanks, Andrew  

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