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Looking for Holacracy Enthusiasts in China, Taiwan, HongKong and beyond

Hi Everyone,

I am looking to connect with all Holacracy Enthusiasts in China, Taiwan, HongKong and beyond across Asia. Please get in touch via email at cyrillejegu@me.com

Wishing you a Happy New Year!


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Mieke Byerley

Hi Cyrille,

Not exactly in Asia region, more the Pacific region. There are a few of us in this part of the world and it is growing.  

Cyrille Jegu CHF

Hey Mieke, 

No worries New Zealand is close enough! Well done on growing this movement... If you would like to get your Trusted System up to scratch to enable your Holacracy practice, I can introduce you to the NZ Getting Things Done distributor, James Elliott. 

Have a beautifully purposeful day!



Maria Eriksson

Hey there! 

I've been trying to find companies that have implemented Holacracy in Asia/Singapore as well. Would love to hear what you've learned. So far I've only been in touch with TedX Singapore who implemented it earlier this year. 

Sandy Li

Hi ladies and gentlemen,

I live in Hong Kong and am excited when Cyrille said he is moviing to Hong Kong. I just did the practitioner workshop in December and trying to adopt Holacracy for Startups. Look forward to connecting to Cyrille after Chinese New Year !


Jing Pei Goh-Asmala

Hi everyone,

I am new to this community but I would love to get connected with everyone in this region. I live in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.

Jing Pei