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Looking for Holacracy coach to support POC on ENGIE Benelux HR team


To support the first implementation in ENGIE Benelux within the HR team, we're looking for a first contact with a coach. Location : Brussels, NL/FR/EN speaking.

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Hi Xavier,


We can do FR & EN with [@mention:449833773917801859]. Going to Brussels very often - we have an intro workshop soon there.

Jean-Michel Gode

Hi Xavier,
I'd like to support this implementation, especially as HR is a topic which I dig for a while :-)

Possible FR & EN.


Tom Mulder

Hallo [@mention:491495232183315418],

I can do the Dutch (NL) and English part.

Just let me know.

Sally McCutchion

Hello [@mention:491495232183315418],

I am an English speaking Coach based in London - I see you have had plenty of offers of support across all languages that you need. In case a native English Coach is useful for you, I'm here!


Jasper Rienstra

Hi Xavier,

I am coach @ Provider Synnervate in The Netherlands. NL/EN speaking, FR only on a very (not professional) level. Happy to explore this with you!

Koen Veltman

Hi Xavier,

Same here. OrganizationBuilders is a Provider. And we support implementations in Dutch, English, German, Italian. 

Dutch & French seems to be a unique combination. [@mention:521896032115399380] is the only Belgian Dutch/French speaking person I know that went to the PCT. Linda do you have coach credentials already?


Hendrik Deroo

Dag [@mention:491495232183315418], Bonjour Xavier, Hello Xavier,

Belgische Holacracy-fan van het eerste uur (sinds 2013). Misschien even praten wat je nodig hebt.

[@mention:456449141667144364] Je kan niet iedereen kennen natuurlijk die de PCT al volgde

Christel Hofman

Hi [@mention:491495232183315418],

Hallo Xavier, Samen met Hendrik Deroo (zie bovenstaande reactie) doe ik implementaties in o.a. België. Frans, Engels, Nederlands en andere talen (zoals Sloveens en Portugees ;-)) zijn geen probleem. Zie evt. www.suchapotential.com. Het contact via Hendrik is al gelegd zie ik.

Succes met de keuze.