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Looking for Holacracy Companies in Sydney, Australia

Hi there,

I'm currently planning a change in my career. Being a corporate-rebel I was always looking to push (probably in the wrong method) new ways to work with corporations. The recent discovery of self-management practices and holacracy has become the concretization of this ideas and I'm really glad to have found it.

It's definitely influencing my way to approach companies and I was wondering if anyone knows any company/business that is currently trying to implement this methodology around Sydney.

If you know any, please feel free to share them here of via DM.

Thank you in advance


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Pam H

I'm glad to hear of people liking and spreading Holacracy. I think Brian R and the rest of the H1 team do amazing work. - Pam


Hey Marc - It could have been me who wrote your post. I'm in a similar situation as to you, looking for a career change, and interested in aligning myself with teal / holocracy based organisations. I'm also based in Sydney. I'll DM you.