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Looking for a Facilitator in NYC


I work with a non-profit foundation that supports the growth of non-profit Montessori schools, The Wildflower Foundation. We were recently approved for charter in NYC and our Board would like to use Holacracy. We are looking for an experienced Facilitator and/or coach who would be interested in working with the team. Please let em know if you are or know of anyone who could support us.



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Olivier Compagne

Hi [@mention:550185852389690415], this is great to hear about your charter in NYC! I'm with HolacracyOne and we've been communicating with the Wildflower Foundation in the past. I believe I can help, if anything to help you figure out what would be the most appropriate support for your situation, even if you don't use us for the support Want to send me an email at olivier at holacracyone.com? We can set up a call 

Jeff Kreh

[@mention:550185852389690415], please feel free to pm me with details or to connect more directly. Very interested in seeing this succeed.

Nevin Danielson

[@mention:550185852389690415] I'd be pleased to provide pro bono facilitation and coaching over Zoom (I'm in Canada) if it would help. I do both roles extensively within my own organization where I have the role of "Holacracy Coach" and also serve as an introductory Facilitator until circles are ready to self-facilitate.