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Longitudinal and international study on Holacracy - we need you!

Dear all

We want to launch an international and longitudinal study on Holacracy - collecting all experiences that are made with Holacracy and evaluating them systematically. We want to get a deep dive in Holacracy, which means:

> analyze "typical" business cases / apps and how they are processed within Holacracy
> collect the consequences Holacracy has on typical psychological aspects such as well-being, job satisfaction and productivity
> examine aspects such as challenges, limits and chances of Holacracy
> analyze how self-organization works and what the requirements are
> do all of the above during many years to be able to track the development of  holocratic organizations

To realize that study, we need your support on the Crowdfunding: www.startnext.com/en/holacracy

Please support the Crowdfunding if you regard this study to be of use for yourself, your organization, other organizations that are about to implement Holacracy or think about doing so.

If you have any questions or problems regarding Holacracy that we can focus on within the study, please don't hesitate to let me know. We are happy to realize the rewards of the Crowdfunding for you (or other deals).

We are convinced that this research delivers a valuable insight into how organizations can work in a volatile world. We as organizational psychologists want to contribute to purposeful, productive and healthy organizations and we are happy to do that with you.

Please support our project and spread the word about it.

All the best and thank you,





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