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Local law vs Holacracy (ex: Required Roles & Demission)

How much of legal validity is e.g. the Required Role policy described by Tyler of Purely Poultrys in ...one-person-to-manage , which says that if a Role filler wants to resign from a Required Role, then he resigns from all Roles, resulting in a demission from the company ? 

In France, demission is very different from firing (which can be due to employee major fault, economic reasons or also mutual contract resignation and results in financial compensation and administrative processes); if a French company adds something like a Required Role policy, is the employee that is refusing to fill his Required Role (that was specified on his work contract) legally bound to demission (literally), or is it necessary that the RH Role filler finds a "translation" to the local firing/hiring law system to conduct the firing process (e.g. declare the behaviour as heavy fault) ?

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