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Load Balancing Role filller

Lead link is accountable to assign people to fill a role (2.4).

However, I am interested in some of Frederic Laloux videos where he mentioned about self correcting system, in the situation of one role need more people than the other, he suggested that during the cross team meeting, the role that needs help can shout out for it, and the other role may offer help. And it's done without one lead who re-balance the load or reassign people to different role.

What do you think such situation should be handled properly with Holacracy rules?

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Ivan Matosyan

[@mention:456308404149183518] I dont think there is anything in Holacracy that prevents this behavior. It is build on premise, that everything is allowed if not explicitly forbidden.

If anyone asks for help and you care, then you help.

I find these articles great for that topic:


What in your opinion prevents it?

Tom Mulder

[@mention:456308404149183518]: In constitution 5.0 there is a article on this. 

1.2.3 Supporting Assignments

As a Partner, when you serve as Role Lead for a Role, you may assign other people to fill the Role as well as Role Supporters, and you may remove these assignments at any time. A Role Supporter gains the authorities of the Role, but only holds the duties to others when requested by a Role Lead, as further detailed in Article 2. You may only assign Role Supporters within your specific Role assignment focus, if any.