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Links in Governance

I want to add an accountability similar to the following: 

"Managing distribution and access of key cards per Role A's guidelines."

Is there a way to make the word guidelines a link to another URL?

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Tom Mulder

Yes, when you make a post you seen a chain in the upper line. When you select the word guidelines and then press the chain icon you will be able to link it to another URL.

Alexia Bowers

[@mention:564261722672205863]: if you mean while editing an Accountability in GlassFrog, you can add a url in the accountability, but you might like using the role linking, which you can do by typing the "@" symbol and then starting the name of the role, it will give you a dropdown so you can select the role. The nice thing about it is it will update the role name in the accountability if you change the name of the role you are referencing, as well as linking to it. The "@" role linking also works in Purpose, Domains, Policies, Tensions, and Projects. Here's the relevant FAQ.

Bradley Stillwagon

Sorry, should have been more clear.  I am hoping to put a link in the accountability that would link to a Confluence page where the guidelines are currently stored.