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Lead links objection for a new role

When a new role is being created since lead link is going to be the first role filler by default, can the lead link object to the creation of the role, with the assumption that it impacts lead links role, since there is no role filler yet? 

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Tom Mulder

Shammi, the answer is No. The Lead Link would then object towards something that is part of the Accountabilities of the role. If the objection comes from the fact that the Lead Link has no time for this then it is NVGO. Resources is not an valid output for Governance. Roles have unlimited time and are free to decide how to energize their accountabilities. 

shammi nanda

Thanks [@mention:523162737680436711]

It could be for reasons other than resource, like lead link feels its duplicating of accountabilities which are some where else or a fear that if the lead link cant find people to fill a role it will be another role which lands in their lap and their work will increase. Any thoughts. 

Tom Mulder

Hello Shammi, if the LL feels that it is duplicating the LL can object based on the harm that it will decrease clarity for the Circle.

The objection that the LL can not find people is invalid. This about resources, in this case for the LL. This role has, according to the Constitution, the obligation to fill roles that are unfilled. So if this happens it is a Tension for the LL to address that their are not enough people to fill roles.

Keith Jarvis

Exactly what Tom said, only piling on to say that your Lead Link might be under the impression that there is more authority to the role than what actually exists. That person does not need to 'agree' with everything the circle creates - and the objection 'this seems to duplicate something in this other role' would not test to be a valid objection unless that person was in that role. 

I'd suggest the individual (or team) review the maturity map updates that include Role-specific maturity.