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Lead link team (leadership team)

Hi all,

We've been practising Holacracy for a few years now and have grown quite a bit over the past year. In the past few months a lot of tensions have been brewing and not getting resolved. We have been less than diligent in keeping a rhythm with Governance meetings in our circles so various aspects are now unclear.

Some of these tensions have been quite uncomfortable and upsetting, and a few people feel it's because there isn't really a leadership team that talks together on a regular basis about issues like individual/team non-performance, reasons for hiring or not, interpersonal tensions, ...

A lot of these tensions have then been addressed by a few of us who have the most experience in here as well as some non-billable time to deal with them. I know that we should tease out these tensions and make governance changes but the most immediate reaction my colleagues have is to form a leadership team (out of lead links from the circles in the GCC).

The feeling is that a team is needed and that making more clear roles/accountabilities will not help deal with interlocking internal problems.

Have any of you been through something like this before? Or have any advice or questions to give me? 



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