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Lead Link structuring a circle and proposing to delete roles?

Hi !

We have been practicing Holacracy for a few months already, but I stumbled across something as a Facilitator:

- The Constitution says:

"The Facilitator may test the validity of a Proposal by asking the Proposer questions. For a Proposal to survive the test, the Proposer must be able to describe the Tension, and give an example of an actual past or present situation in which the Proposal would have reduced that Tension and helped the Circle in one of the ways allowed by the prior section. The Facilitator must discard the Proposal if the Facilitator deems the Proposer has failed to meet this threshold"

So I rejected a proposal from a Lead Link to "delete a role because it is unclear for the circle" but has no concrete example to give to support this proposal.

Do we have to wait each time for concrete examples to "clean" a circle with roles no longer relevant? Is "no activity from the role" a valid concrete example?

Thank you for your help,


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Tom Mulder

Hi Raphael, just above article 3.2.3 that you reffer to you find this statement in article 3.2.2: Finally, a Proposal is always valid regardless of the preceding criteria if it is made solely to help evolve the Circle’s Governance to more clearly reflect activity that is already happening, or to trigger a new election for any Elected Role

Also the Facilitator may discard these proposals (no obligation). If you, as a Facilitator, feel that this Proposal will be good to process you may let it pas. The process will show you if you were right. At least it is safe enough to try.

Hope this shines a light one it. 

Jean-Michel Gode

Hi Raphaël,
From my perspective, "any activity from the role"  might be a grounded example.

As "Structuring the Governance of the Circle to enact its Purpose and Accountabilities" is one of the the Lead link accountabilities, he/her can delete any inactive role to improve the clarity of the circle governance and better express the Purpose or the Accountabilities of the Circle.

Hope that helps,

Juliane Martina Röll

Adding to Tom's comment: I understand "to more clearly reflect activity that is already happening" also in such a way, that a proposal that helps the circle to more clearly express what is _not_ happening" is also valid: So proposing to delete a Role that has had no activity for some time seems a valid proposal to me.