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Lead link Role

I was wondering if Lead link should energise some Roles themselves rather than just energising the unfilled roles if and when required. 

Appreciate your input

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Jean-Michel Gode

Hi Bhargavi,

LeadLink is just one role (with specific accountabilities) among the other roles of the circle. As to any other member of the circle, LeadLind may assign to her/himself some other "functionnal" roles.


That's very helpful. Thq



The Lead Link cannot energize roles themselves. However the person filling the Lead Link role can be assigned by the Lead Link to fill some roles within the circle and I would say that that's healthy because the Lead Link role only take 10% of a person's time (even less).  It would be difficult to be assigned to the Lead Link role and not doing work within the circle.

Karilen Mays

Absolutely - and it can be a great exercise for them to articulate the roles that they are doing. Usually it is something, and not just manager. As Margaux said, it would be difficult to assign a Lead Link to someone who didn't fill key roles in the circle. It is also desirable to fill roles or be able to so that you can better make role assignments, back up roles, give feedback to enhance fit for role, restructure roles, etc.