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Lead Link Governance

The Lead Link has this accountability:  "Structuring the Governance of the Circle to enact its Purpose and Accountabilities".  Does that give the Lead Link a blank check on Proposal validity, or is it still appropriate for the Facilitator to validate that the Lead Link has a legitimate Tension per 3.2.3?

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Hi Geoff

Which do you think it is?

A reminder about accountabilities may help - with an accountability we are saying "anybody CAN do this, but we an EXEPCT that this role will on an on-going basis give conscious consideration to whether any action is needed on this". So this LL accountability is saying "anybody CAN structure the circle using Governance, but we expect the LL to think about whether it needs doing and to take action accordingly".

There are some good previous posts on this general topic (Lead Links and Governance) in the forum which are worth checking out. 

Best wishes, Andrew 

Artem Serdyuk

Hi [@mention:549059653907130620], you may check this topic, there are some answers:



Thanks for the quick replies.  Our habit had been that Lead Link proposals were tested like any others.

The question had really stemmed from the idea that as a LL, I am able to "...better express ... an Accountability..." (i.e., the accountability to structure governance of the Circle) by making a proposal, therefore all of my proposals are valid by default.  However, it is the act of proposing--not the governance itself--that helps the LL better express that accountability.  [@mention:544274267239861666], your reminder helped me make that connection.  Thanks.

Mohammed Ali Vakil

HI [@mention:549059653907130620], thank you for your questions! I'm getting to learn a lot from them