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Lead Link Accountability Phrasing

Holacrats -

One accountability in particular in default Lead Link role definition is quite insanely worded. Please help.

"Removing constraints within the Circle to the Super-Circle enacting its Purpose and Accountabilities"

The problems here are the prepositions 'within' and 'to' and the pronoun 'its'. They're confused or unreferenced and make my not-so-pretty head spin.

"Within" is the clearest - I believe referring to the Circle (or if you're a member of the Super-Circle, you can think of it as the Sub-Circle). So 'constraints within' could be rephrased 'blocks/limitations inside the sub-circle'.

But "to" is weird, because how do constraints inside the sub-circle, those problems going on internally, connect 'to' the Super-Circle? When there's a 'to' the direction goes from the preceding noun to the following noun. So now we're at 'blocks inside the sub-circle towards the super-circle'. Huh?

To make matter worse, we have 'its' which as a pronoun in this context means 'owned by', and presumably references the most recently stated noun, the super-circle, but I for one find myself asking 'which circle's purpose and accountabilities are being affected negatively?'

Could this, then, be a rewording?

"Removing blocks/barriers that occur inside the sub-circle that prevent or limit the super-circle from enacting the super-circle's purpose/accountabilities?"

Expert interpretation gratefully welcomed.

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