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Launch of the Holacracy Tactical Facilitation Assessment & evolution of the Holacracy credentials.

I am pleased to announce that today HolacracyOne launches a brand new Tactical Facilitation Assessment! The Tactical Assessment is two things: a gauge of Holacracy facilitation and coaching skills during tactical meetings; and also a learning tool which fills a gap our public trainings are not designed to satisfy. You can book here.

This is part of the evolution of the credentials, and so from today, any person who does not yet hold a Certified Holacracy Facilitator or Coach credential will be required to pass both a Tactical and Governance Assessment, at the required score to earn a credential. Here’s some of the background and context:

Holacracy has grown and matured significantly across the world in the last few years. There are now 82 Certified Holacracy Coaches, 41 Certified Holacracy Facilitators, licensees working in over 11 countries, over 1,500 graduates of Holacracy Practitioner trainings, trademarks registered in 32 countries (paving the way for inroads to China, Russia, Brazil, the UAE and more), and translations of the Holacracy book in 14 languages! We are encouraged by the growth and grateful to already certified individuals and the wider community for your contributions to it.

As Holacracy evolves, the needs of the market have become more sophisticated and we are seeing the need to mature the certification methods as well, which need to offer clearer distinctions between different types and levels of skill. Previously, earning a Certified Holacracy credential required passing a Governance Assessment only. Testing only Governance facilitation and coaching skills, however, and proved insufficient to accurately appraise the broader set of skills needed to effectively coach or lead a whole Holacracy adoption. So the credential needed to expand to assess tactical facilitation skills as well.

The Tactical Assessment is similar to the Governance Assessment in format, is virtual and delivered live by two trained Certified Holacracy Coaches; you can read more details here. If you still have questions, you can add them to this thread and I will be pleased to answer them.

Nick, as Certification Program Manager for HolacracyOne

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Adam Banko

https://www.holacracy.org/facilitation-assessment reads:

"Each assessment costs $895 US. "

Do you mean Tactical + Governance assessment is $1 790 in total?

Nick Osborne
Yes [@mention:456308404254624012], that’s correct: Tactical + Governance Assessments are $1,790 in total. 
And HolacracyOne wants to support licensees and make the transition easier for those who are actively doing substantial amounts of Holacracy work in the world. So we offer free credits to take the new Tactical Assessment to licensees who deliver at least a certain volume of Holacracy work each year. Details are in the Licensee Forum slack channel on the Holacracy Provider workspace that you are a member of. 
Isabelle Rappart

Hi Nick,

As a "simple" Licensee I don't have access to the Provider Space on Slack, how shall I do to get the access ?


Nick Osborne
Hi [@mention:450678740272473756],
I see you are a member on the slack channel for licensees. There’s a new channel in there called Licensee Forum, which you can join as I understand you have joined the new Licensing Program, and you can see the details in there. 
Isabelle Rappart

 I joined the Licencee Forum Channel and everything is clear.

Thanks a lot.

Tom Mulder

[@mention:450960215289659578] . Question to prepare for the assessment. Is there a Glassfrog environment available where we can see the current initial structure that has been defined by Jan and Susan (as we could for the Governance assessment)

We have this question from the coaches in the Online Practice Group [@mention:486850353354280140], [@mention:550748956283466295], [@mention:577352400502155145], [@mention:573692591169355705], [@mention:524570332260749435], [@mention:548355922639373031]

Nick Osborne

Thanks for your question [@mention:523162737680436711] and it’s good to see peer support in preparing for the Tactical Assessment!

This is just a quick note to let you know that I am processing your request and will respond here as soon as I can. 

The challenge we are facing is that it’s not realistic for people to have weeks to pour over GlassFrog data for a meeting they are about to facilitate with a new group because in reality a coach would rarely have this opportunity, and we are trying to make assessment as close to real-life conditions as possible. 

The test is based on “how would an experienced coach handle this situation?”; and not having much time to prepare is realistic.

Nick Osborne

[@mention:523162737680436711] [@mention:486850353354280140], [@mention:550748956283466295], [@mention:577352400502155145], [@mention:573692591169355705], [@mention:524570332260749435], [@mention:548355922639373031] and other member of the online practice group for the Tactical Assessment:

Apologies for delay in processing this; it has taken a while to figure out the best way to do it. 

To make the assessment as realistic as possible (as explained above), the Governance records of the simulated company that will be used in the assessment will be made available to candidates 1-hour before their assessment. I've updated the guidance on the relevant webpage to clarify this. 

And to protect the integrity of the assessment we ask that these records are not shared with anyone else, as this would compromise the assessment for future candidates for the reasons given above. 

Do let me know if you have any more questions or if I can be of assistance in any other way. I look forward to seeing some of you in your assessments! 

Best wishes, Nick 

Tom Mulder

Great and thanks for the feedback.