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Know of a company that tried & abandoned Holacracy?

Dear All,

We, Evolving Organisation, have been approached by a journalist who'd like to write an article about Holacracy for key British newspaper The Guardian. The article will include success stories but to make it balance they'd like to include an account of when an organisation tried it and decided it wasn't for them.

Do you know of an organisation I could approach to see if they'd be willing to share their story? I would really appreciate any pointers you can offer for names of organisations that you've heard of, and/or contact names. My approach to any organisation will be so very subtle, purely to find out if they'd be open to sharing their story.

Including this element is absolutely key to get the article into the Guardian. The article would be massive for spreading Holacracy in the UK.

Thank you all so much for helping me if you can.

Here's to a massive year for Holacracy - Happy 2016 everyone!

With big hopes and dreams powered by all of us,


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Juliane Martina Röll

Backstop Solutions Group (https://www.backstopsolutions.com/) used Holacracy and abandoned it. I don't know any details though. The list at http://structureprocess.com/holacracy-cases/ has a few more.


Thank you Martin :-)!!!!!