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Know how to use Holacracy? Looking for Work in Tech? Live in the U.S.?

Yeah, it's kinda that simple!

  • Do you have skills in tech?
  • Are you passionate and experienced in Holacracy?
  • Do you live in the U.S.?
  • Are you looking for more remote work or a career change?
  • If you have startup experience even better! 


Then I likely want to talk to you to see if you're a fit for a number of initiatives that need talented individuals. Initiatives that need support:

  • Data and Analytics team 
  • Internal Communication Strategy 
  • New Lines of Business (Internal Startups) 
  • Talent A&R 
  • CX center 
  • UX/UI


Let's chat! 





2 Replies
Jim Tygart

Hi Rashid,

Are you still looking for Holacracy practitioners?

Would love to get in touch if you are.  

Jim Tygart


Rashid Gilanpour

Yes absolutely just sent you a message [@mention:492058437957782809]