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Italian version of The Constitution now available

Dear Friends, 

Assuming a correct understanding of the Constitution is a prerequisite for any Holacracy related initiative, and living in a Country that doesn't shine for its english literacy, I have released the translation of v.4.1 of the Constitution to italian.

For those who are not aware of it, in august I started a crowdfunding campaign to finance my Holacracy Practitioner Training ( http://www.kapipal.com/holacracyinitaliano ) by performing the translation. Thanks to the contributions I was able to reach the threshold amount I had set as a precondition to direct enough attention to the challenge (many, many hours of my spare time ;-).


I have forked the HolacracyOne repository on Github, and I have added a markdown version of the Constitution  and a Pdf version 


The pdf closely mimics the structure of the original pdf available on the HolacracyOne website (http://www.holacracy.org/wp-co...onstitution-v4.1.pdf)  in order to make it easy to refer to both documents when learning about Holacracy or practicing it, especially when people of different native languages meet and discuss about the Constitution.


Allow me to spend a couple of lines to thank, above all donors, the people at ARCA ( http://arca.com/ )   for their substantial contribution to the campaign and their active participation in the document review.




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