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Issues for Constitution v5.0

Hi Folks - A heads-up: I've started processing my notes into clear "user stories" for desired enhancements to Constitution v5.0 (plus questions to explore, "bugs" to fix, and text/logic refactoring desired).

I'm posting these in the issues list in the Constitution's GitHub repository.  You can review and comment on them there, and/or submit your own issues (or, if you're feeling really adventurous, try to implement one of them).  I'd love some community engagement over there from experienced Holacracy coaches and "power users", before I move forward with implementation.

One caveat for those newer to Holacracy:  The platform I linked to above is to support Holacracy developers working on the next version of this operating system.  The writing and engagement on there is not meant for the wider audience of Holacracy users, and may be seriously confusing if you're still learning Holacracy...

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Tyler Danke

I started learning Holacracy in April and adopted on October 1st 2015. I realize that I am new to Holacracy however I believe that I could offer a solid perspective in the issues list in the github repository.  Should I feel free to comment there or should I refrain? I guess I would like some clarification on your caveat in the original post.

Brian Robertson

Hi Tyler - Absolutely, please do feel free to comment there if you think you can help - no need to hold back.  Worst-case, someone just ignores a comment if you've got some Holacracy technical knowledge missing or off; best-case, you nail an issue and add lots of value.  I'll take that gamble if you will - go for it!

- Brian