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Is it possible to do a meeting alone ?

Started a Triage Meeting, the secretary and the facilitator. They got joined by 2 others later, so they're 4, and at a moment, because of needs, 3 (including facilitator) left the meeting while they didn't started the treatment of points and that the time defined by the secretary isn't passed yet. So my question is, following this, can the Secretary continue alone ? As he have importants points to treat.

I know it would be interesting to move the meeting, but as it was planned long ago and the secretary got feed-backs from members that it was ok, and that there is no possibility of meeting later..? And also knowing that it is important to maintain the regularity of meetings ? I'm a bit unclear on that.

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Jean-Michel Gode

Hi Louis,

Quick thoughts:

  • Any decision to be taken in a Triage meeting may be taken outside of the meeting. So it's up to the leaving tension holders to process their tensions how and where they want...
  • Up to the Secretary to maintain or close the meeting. Scheduling and setting duration are accountability of the Secretary role.
  • If the Secretary decides to continue the meeting on her/his own, sounds that the meeting may turn into a... GTD session. Good opportunity to do her/his weekly review ;-)




I know all tensions may be processed outside of Triage, but my question was more about if a meeting (Triage), can be constitutionally made (in that case, continued) by one person, in that case the secretary ? So adding projects/actions for example to resolve his tensions directly etc.

Bernard Marie Chiquet

Yep Louis you may run the meeting even if you're alone. There is nothing against that into the Constitution. Use your best judgement. 

Bernard Marie Chiquet

To add on that, I've already done that one or two in the past years. My intent was to make it clear to everyone that I was going tu run the meeting regularly. I also issued an request in my Sec. Role for everybody to give me inputs re the dates/hours, thinking that may be, the slots I have chosen were not convenient/workable for them.