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Is Holacracy fit for governance of an eco-village or intentional community?

Has any one experience of governing with Holacracy in an eco village or intentional community. The nature of our organisation, ahimsagram in india,  in the past was like an intentional community and  I was the person bringing holacracy to it without the practitioner training and deeper understanding. There were lot of challenges especially we had made the lead link to be a very weak role and it was more of a consent based organisation where any one in the circle could object any thing even if there role was not impacted by it. Now after that understanding our lead link can strategise and assign roles which gives the bit of steering to the lead link, just enough to take the business(now i am seeing us as a business with more clarity) to its purpose.

Some how intentional communities may or may not be willing to give the strategising role to one person. Maybe they would give it after making the right policies and having a system for integrating objections from roles impacted by the proposals. I would like to hear if some one is doing it or has opinions on how it can work in an intentional community. I am asking this as I am in touch with some intentional communities who might be asking me to bring holacracy to them. 


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