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Introducing New Hires to Holacracy

Right now, I do about an hour talk with each new person. It goes over basic stuff like "how to recognize a tension, what's a governance meeting, what's a tactical meeting...etc." 

I am wondering what other places do. I sometimes feel that what I do is not enough. I know Zappos spends, I think,  3 days training in Holacracy, but I cannot do that. 

How do you get people comfortable enough in a new job to not shy away from recognizing and processing tensions?


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Bernard Marie Chiquet

Hi Adrienne,

Most of our clients use a 1 day session for introducing Holacracy to their new hires. They find this format appropriate. We help them design their own personalized 1 day training based on their real stuff on GlassFrog.

Bernard Marie

Dien Kwik

Hi, Adrienne:

Beyond the training(s), we are currently putting "Processed at least one tension in governance and tactical" in a badge and we require, through an onboarding policy, that that badge be acquired before they can complete their orientation.

Perhaps it can help a little to nudge new hires to try processing tensions for the first time, and hopefully they get hooked after that







We don't do enough but this is our checklist: https://glassfrog.holacracy.or...2013/role_notes/2951 

Basically, as part of the hiring process top candidates observe a tactical meeting and are informed that we practice Holacracy. Part of the candidate evaluation is whether they did any research on their own and ask questions during the interviews. So, by the time they come in they have some level of awareness and basic understanding.

We make self-paced learning resources available. We also host bi-weekly Holacracy learning sessions for anyone interested. 

I would say that most of our training is immersion training; learn by doing and following the modeled behaviors.

I don't believe this will scale. I think some combination of regular learning sessions and self-paced materials would be best. Ah, to dream.