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Introducing Holacracy more compassionately

Here is a challenge, some times when working with people who do not know enough about holacracy and are also in a role, to tell them that its not in their domain, or that the objection is not valid, or some other info which denies them an access to some thing that they had expectation that they could do. As some one who is a practitioner and coach or holacracy steward in that organisation, i wonder how can i or the coach role introduce such things that the person on the receiving end also has a sense that their needs are also taken care of. Besides, when people have such strong triggers around power and as Miki Kashtat(blog- fearlessheart) says, that empathy goes upwards with great difficulty so when i take a step like this it creates more pain than I expect or can handle in that moments. I may seem like a dominator authority figure. 

I am looking for guidance from those who also resonate with this challenge and have found ways to engage meaningfully with such situations. 


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