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Interpretation of the Constitution 2.5.1: Lead link not Facilitator - why?

The Lead Link may not be elected as Facilitator but is allowed to act as a surrogate for an Elected Role (2.5.4.) including the Facilitator role. In the Constitution I can not find a reasoning why the LL can not be the Facilitator.

Had a discussion with a Coach about it and we came to the statement that this is not allowed because then we will go back in to old habits. The Manager who is acting as a Lead Link is also the Chairman of the meetings (Facilitator). Also we came up with the idea that the LL is appointed by the Super Circle and the Facilitator is an elected role from the members of the Circle. But the LL is also part of the Circle so this one is not that strong.

Anybody a clear clarification why the Lead Link can not be the Facilitator?

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