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International Holacracy Research

Dear Holacracy forum members,

At Leiden University in the Netherlands, I'm doing an international research on the effect of the organizations’ software when Holacracy is implemented. Because this research is dedicated to contributing to Holacracy, it would of course be great if the Holacracy Community could help too!

So far, I'm happy to say that I already have a lot of responses but there still is some room for a few more responses.

Here is my question:

If you work at an organization or have an organization with at least 3 members and you have implemented Holacracy, I would like to get in contact with you for a short 10 question survey. The survey can be sent digitally or we can use Skype (or similar) for an interview. A personal meeting and interview is also an option if you live in the Netherlands.

The results of the research can benefit your organization as it provides answers to the use of software, roles and Identity and Access Management. These results will be sent to you upon completion of the research in September 2017. You and your organization will also be mentioned and thanked on the Acknowledgement page of this research.

If you would like to contribute and be among some pretty big organizations worldwide that use Holacracy, here is your chance. Please send me an e-mail at mail2kaine@yahoo.com.

Have a great day and take care.

Best regards, Kevin (Vin) Fowler

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