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Interfaces between Circle



We move our organisation in holacracy a few month ago.
We're facing difficulties to have fluent communication between circles.

Some processes need action in different circles.
Assuming 3 circles : Sales, Production and Accounting.

How can we formalize interfaces between circles ?

A Sales Role need to get an object made by Production Roles.
And some Production Roles need accountabilities from Accounting roles

(ie: Buy supplies and charge client)

Is "Cross Link Role" the solution ?
Or these kind of issues shows bad circle shapes?
Is it possible to have multiple Cross Link Role from one Circle to another ?
Is it possible to have a Cross Link one way and another one the other way ? 
ie : a Cross Link from Production to Sales and a Cross Link from Sales to Production ?

A related question to this is : How can a Circle make one of his role accountable outside his own circle (to all other circle and roles for instance) ?

Thanks for your time.



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