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Incomplete Role function doesn't show up when it is a circle.

Glassfrog allowed async creation of a new role / circle with no purpose, no domains, and no accountabilities. It does not show up as an incomplete role. I approved it as an async because it will be easy to add a purpose, domain, or accountabilities afterward. I just thought it was interesting that there is the "incomplete role" functionality but that it does not apply to circles.

[@mention:449833773730792463], I thought you might appreciate knowing about this.

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Kallie Kendle

Tyler, appreciate your feedback about this.  Can you share what tensions it is causing when the circle doesn't show up as incomplete?  And what kind of indication do you feel would be useful?  Such a circle already shows the default roles as unfilled (white), which is some indication of it's new state.

Tyler Danke

I just found it odd / inconsistent that you have incomplete role for roles but not for circles. 

Alexia Bowers

[@mention:456167666726491228]: yes, that is inconsistent since circles are also roles, and circles probably need at least a purpose more than other roles. Thanks for pointing it out!