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In addition

But there is also an antithesis ;-) ... I had a leader and she liked the employees who came to her nearly three times a day - Why? ... she used them to ensure her authority by giving instructions to them (I can remember that these have been very senseless instructions) and to protect herself from her leader; in my opinion she was too anxious for this kind of job; especially the new employees were told things that weren´t true - only to empower herself...that´s the big disadvantage I experienced...

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Tom Mulder


Maybe this quote provides a guidance:

Koen Veltman

following Tom his quote: the idea of Holacracy is not to make the former "manager" less powerfull, but to make everybody as powerful as the "managers" were

(else I would not advice Holacracy to any of my clients. Its good to get rid of the management function but the people previously in that function you typically want to remail powerful as you designated them in that role for a reason, probably because you find them quite capable. so lets not reduce the power they have)


We are talking a lot about leaders at the University - a few weeks ago I wrote a paper about Public Sector Leadership - and I talked to a politician about Holacracy as a possible management system for urban development and he was very interested. I think that not only in private companies it could be a great model but also for politicians and the public sector - in special departments.