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Improving scheduling of Governance-Meeting

I just had (another) Governance-Meeting without a single tension. Since I am the Secretary of the Circle I would like to optimize the scheduling of Governance-Meetings to not waste time for the circle members. I already stretched them out (happens every 8 weeks), I don't think more stretching is the solution...

Any ideas how to improve? Any other methods you use for scheduling (eg. waiting for a "backlog" tensions before send invitations)?

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Fritz von Allmen

Iwan - you gave me the idea of the month

I observed the same. Governance proposals are quite difficult, without preparation they are often doomed. And even if they pass, everyone besides the proposer don't understand them fully or lack the time to get acquainted to the change and attribute real improvement when they are asked

I will invite everybody for a Governance-preparation-cometogether the day before a Governance to give time to make up their minds about issues / proposals and freely discuss together (maybe even adding a little Open Space Workshop). 

Brilliant, thanks a lot Iwan

Jean-Luc Christin Lyon

Hello Fritz,
The most beautiful evolution I have seen and experienced is a flash gov triggered for a single tension.
The principle of flash governance has been recorded as policies.

No tension, no meeting.

The flash gov can take place just after a tactical meeting. For an experienced team, it can last 1/2 hour.

Fritz von Allmen

Hi Jean-Luc

Flash Governance - this sounds interesting. How does it work?